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Personal bio

Christine & Peter c. 2007

Christine & Peter c. 2007

Professionally, I use my maiden name, Christine B. Whelan.

Socially, I use my (legal) married name, Christine Whelan Moyers.

This way, I can disavow whatever the other version of me does (“I know–Christine Whelan is so pretentious always talking about her books and going on TV… no, no, that’s not me, I’m Christine Moyers, Peter’s wife…”)

Peter and I were married in June of 2007. We have two dictator kitties named Chairman Meow and Evita Purrron, and we live in Pittsburgh, PA.

The New Cat Name Poll is now closed.

Thanks to all who voted on names for the new little girl kitty — Cleocatra was a close runner-up, as well as Purrie Antoinette (“Let them eat catnip!”) and several other totally offensive cat-dictator names, but in the end, we like the idea of “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” as little Eva’s theme song.)


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