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2010: The Year of The Happiness Project

2009 was a bit rough for me. Indeed, I heard that from a lot of people.

So Gretchen Rubin’s new book The Happiness Project was a welcome addition to my before-bed reading because, well, it makes me happy and gave me new energy to start 2010 off on an upbeat note.

Top pointers from the book include:

Your family is only as happy as it’s least happy member. If that’s you, start a Happiness Project of your own and raise the happy in your household considerably.

• As a kid, and even through our 20s, we had clear opportunities for “gold stars” — getting good grades, graduations, awards, new jobs, marriage, big birthday celebrations etc. But in your 30s, those gold stars seem fewer and farther between. You do your job, you do your errands, you raise your kids, you try to make time for fun with your significant other… but as you put in so much effort, you feel unappreciated. Where’s your gold star? Rubin advises all of us to make a list, do your stuff and then give yourself a gold star. That’s what being a grown-up is about.

Be Yourself. I know, it’s clichéd, but Rubin’s description of how she decided to “Be Gretchen” inspired me to be clear about who I am. She writes that learning to be herself means “accepting my true likes and dislikes… I have to face the fact that I will never visit a jazz club at midnight, or hang out in artists’ studios, or jet off to Paris for the weekend, or pack up to go fly-fishing on a spring dawn. I won’t be admired for my chic wardrobe or be appointed to a high government office. I love fortune cookies and refuse to try foie gras.” What does it mean to be you?

The Happiness Project isn’t quite a self-help book — it’s more of a memoir of a year of research into self-help — but even without quizzes and action lists, it does the job of any good personal improvement book: It inspires. Check it out and make 2010 your year for a Happiness Project of your own.


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DoubleX — Slate’s New Women’s Online Magazine

Today is the launch of DoubleX, a new Slate online magazine for women, edited by Hanna Rosin and others. From the launch email:

DoubleX, launches today. Check it out at www.doublex.com. This is a new kind of women’s magazine launched by the Slate group, that offers irreverent and sophisticated analysis of politics, culture, family, fashion and many other topics. It’s written mostly by women, but not just for them. So gentlemen, come too!

Look for me there in the future — indeed, I already have my own “node” —  This seems like a perfect place for my latest research and findings.

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XX Factor Bloglove

Hanna Rosin, Slate XX Factor blogger and Atlantic writer, picked up our Mother’s Day research and gave it some props here.

To all you mother’s out there, thanks for your love, support and positive socialization effects!

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Success is Sexy – Iowa Women’s Leadership Conference Video 4/17/09

On April 17, I had 500 women on their feet yelling “Success is Sexy!” at the Iowa Women’s Leadership Conference. Watch this 45-minute video — including lots of Q&A — to shatter the myth that men are intimidated by smart, successful women, and learn how you can proclaim that your accomplishments are attractive, too!

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Take Control of Your Love Life!

How can a SWANS® take control of her love life? Where do you meet a guy who will be attracted to smart, successful woman? Why do certain women seem to transfix men… while others just don’t?teleseminar

Curious? Well, so were more than 120 other SWANS® just like you. Last week, Dr. Alex Benzer hosted me as his guest in a national teleseminar featuring dating tips for smart, successful women. I answered questions, laid out no-nonsense advice and shattered myths left and right.

Missed the show? That’s OK–you can download it here.

This is a must-listen for all your SWANS® out there. And… after you listen, if you want more, email me at swans (at) christinewhelan.com to receive a free BONUS REPORT full of great tips on how to date smart in an economic downturn.

And while you’re at it, check out Dr. Benzer’s new book, The Tao of Dating, on his website: http://taoofdating.com/

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