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Relationship tip of the Week: Valentine’s Edition

Single and among the SWANS this Valentine’s Day?

Here’s a quiz. Should you:

a)    buy three Whitman’s Samplers and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and stay in all weekend watching sappy romantic comedies
b)    think of your previous relationship, itemize the reasons it went sour and send evil thoughts to your ex boyfriend using a voodoo doll in his image
c)    go out with all your single SWANS friends, get bombed and make blood oaths to be single forever
d)    plan a party “bring-a-friend” cocktail party for a few weekends from now to meet some more people and branch out in your social scene

Oh, you’re so clever!

How to Plan a Successful Bring-a-Friend Party

First, think of 10 or 20 friends who you’d like to invite. Brainstorm about people who you’d like to get to know a bit better, folks who are on the fringes of your social scene. Perhaps a new work colleague or someone you volunteer with once a month.

Next, send out an Evite, email or other quick type of invitation. Ask them to come for cocktails at your place (or a local pub, restaurant etc.) and ask them to bring two single friends along who you don’t know. Guys or girls, it doesn’t matter. More the merrier.

On the night of the party, look fabulous. Mix and mingle. Meet all these new friends-of-friends. Exchange cards, get phone numbers and emails. You’re the hostess, so it’s  your job to introduce yourself to everyone… including that handsome man in the corner…

Why This Works

According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, only 13 percent of couples who are married or in a serious long-term relationship met at a bar, nightclub, café, or other social gathering. The most common places to meet a match were work or school groups and introductions through family and friends. So make it happen yourself!

And don’t just focus on the single guys at the party—mix and mingle with the ladies as well. These girls have guy friends they might introduce you to, they’ll go to parties with other people you don’t know. You get the idea.

SWANS, this Valentine’s Day, be proactive. And send in stories to let me know how it all turns out.

February 11, 2009 - Posted by | Relationship Tips

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